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LRL Survey Preliminary Results





LRL Information - all the what's and why's

What you need to know! 


Further information regarding LRL:

Good morning
Please see the following - we do need input from our fincnaical members - in particular breeders whom this will impact the most. We cannot stress how important this is as it will affect everyone going forward so please do let us have your comments and/or suggetions before the teleconference is organised in order to be able to take these discussions forward in the way you wish to to.
It is clear from information gathered from members of the three Staffordshire Bull Terrier Clubs in New Zealand that there is still considerable misunderstanding about LRL and there are many unanswered questions in members minds. Therefore no one is ready to move to the next stage in the LRL process yet.
This prompted Gay Meredith to speak with Canine Health and Welfare Committee (CHWC) on what the next step should be. She sought advice from them about how DNZ can reach out to our Stafford owners to provide more information. Gay and CHWC are suggesting that a teleconference be set up for club members and that the results of TMSBTS survey be used as basis of a Q & A session. Comments and feedback from the clubs would remain anonymous unless of course, individuals request to be named or offer their personal information themselves.
DNZ think this is a great opportunity for there to be open debate in a respectful manner and to get answers straight from CHWC and it would be great if all club members could support it.
The teleconference is likely to be held during the evening as that will enable those people who work during the day to dial in. ( Example- after 6.00pm and before 9.00pm). It’s unlikely that we will be able to accommodate everyone’s’ preferences but every effort will be made to capture the majority of members. DNZ want to attract as many as possible.
As mentioned above, DNZ will be using the results from the clubs responses as the base for the Q & A’s but others can also be added and of course there will be questions from members on the night I’m sure.
DNZ would like to try and set this up a soon as possible whilst this is still fresh in everyone’s mind so a prompt response would be appreciated please.
The club looks forward to hearing from you with your comments on LRL and on a suitable date/time for this teleconference to take place - all financial members are invited to it from all three clubs, if you wish to make your views known please do try to be available when it is announced. Its time to be proactive for the breed we all love.



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