July 2019 Critiques


NSBTC NZ Championship Show 20/07/2019


My thanks to the Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club in Auckland NZ for appointing me to judge my first SBT specialty show, to all of the clubs hard-working committee, the caterers and those working behind the scenes for organising such a well ran event. Thanks to our wonderful friends & hosts Mark and Cathy Anderson who went out of their way to make our stay comfortable and most enjoyable.

A must mention for the show manager Mr Mark Anderson for your jovial Introduction of me to the exhibitors and observers, setting a relaxed atmosphere for the day. To my ring steward, Ms Joanne Day for working with me having the ring run smoothly.

To the exhibitors for your entries and allowing me the privilege to examine your dogs who travelled from near and far, thanks for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner. To those exhibiting for the first time I hope I made your first day of showing relaxed and enjoyable. I wish you all the very best in the future with our breed.

Overall, I had no health issues of concern, it was pleasing to see correct dentition with sizeable canines, only one presented having inverted canines & one with questionable coat colour, one with short toes. There was a mixture of breed type and quality, few exhibits were presented in the fit condition I like to see, some carrying too much weight lacking muscle tone, our breed is meant to be active and agile he should be fit for function.

Length of Muzzle, ears, feet, tail set and carriage, on the whole, were very good. I was pleased with my entries and my final decision where I found quality exhibits who I would happily have in my yard. Again, I thank everyone for allowing me the privilege to judge your dogs, I loved every moment of the experience.

Baby Puppy Dog

1st KAYLAJAZ YIPPEE KI-YAY MF. 19/02/2019 owned by N Valentic

B/brindle male. Promising youngster who show his socks off today, with a clean headpiece of pleasing shape, small well set rose ears he made good use of, dark eyes, straight well boned front of good width and depth, well-padded feet, good length of neck flowing into nicely laid shoulders although he’s a little loose at elbow at this stage which should improve with age, level topline well ribbed back with short coupling, adequate forequarter and hindquarter angulation, tail set on well. This youngster has a pleasing outline. I was happy to award him Baby Puppy In Show & Puppy of The Day.

2nd IMPAVIDE RED HOT LAVA AT RAVENSTAFF. 06/03/2019 Owner K & A Painter

Red male with a black mask. Pleasing head and expression, dark eyes, ears will improve with maturity, well boned, down on pastern at this stage, black nails would prefer tighter feet, well ribbed back, however a little longer cast than 1st, adequate angulation fore and aft, a little bum high today, tail set ok, excellent coat.


Puppy Dog

1st RENEGADE FLASH FOR TAKODA. 25/10/2018 owned by A Marett

B/brindle male. Good head and skull, hazel medium sized round well placed eye, well set rose ears correct scissor bite, wide front, straight well boned legs with well knuckled feet, shoulder well laid adequate return of upper arm, clean shoulder line. Correct depth of brisket to elbow. Level top line, moderate coupling. Well angulated hindquarters, hocks well let down, tail well set and carried, presented in good condition with an athletic outline, he moved and handled well holding his topline.

2nd ROJEME MAKE MINE A TRIPLE TREV. 24/08/2018 owned by S & G Meredith

Balanced male of very good breed type. Quality head and skull, clean of good width and depth, distinct stop, dark well placed round eyes with desirable expression, scissor bite. Straight well boned front of good width and depth, feet turning out slightly at the pasterns, compact feet well padded. Adequate angulation’s front and rear. Close coupled, held his top line on the move with a well set on and carriage of tail.


Junior Dog

1st CH LIDABY THE LONE RANGER. 28/09/2017 owned by L Martel

Strong standard sized white male with a clean strong head and eye-catching expression, tidy rose ears, round dark eyes set to look straight ahead with very good pigment and fill underneath the eye, pronounced cheek muscles, strong muzzle with scissor bite, would prefer more depth of underjaw, large open nostrils. Muscular short neck into well laid shoulders. Wide front, deep brisket with good prosternum, his fore chest filling my hand, straight well boned legs with strong pastern, well padded feet. Short coupled to muscular hind quarters with a good show of second thigh, adequate rear angulations, topline ok, handled well.


Attractive brindle and white male with a clean appealing headpiece of good width and depth, well set dark round eyes, distinct stop, neat rose ears, clean muzzle, good depth to underjaw with a correct scissor bite. Wide front, straight well boned legs up on pastern to nicely cushioned compact feet, short neck to level topline which he held on the move, enough spring of rib for age, short coupled, with enough turn of stifle, tail set on well with good bone, a tidy boy, who just needs time to body up, moved and handled well.

3rd ANEVAY RETURN OF THE KING. 05/04/2018 owned by C Gill

B/brindle of good substance and size, preferred the head and expression of 1st and 2nd, rose ears, scissor bite, good forequarters with good width and depth, well off for bone, well laid shoulder with good spring of rib moderate length of loin, stifles well bent, hocks well let down, tail set and carried well on the move, handled well.


Intermediate Dog

1st CH TAKODA CLASS ACT. 30/11/2016 owned by S Vermeer

Typey B/brindle male with a clean head, dark round eyes tidy rose ears, well developed cheeks, clean muzzle, correct dentition, strong underjaw, well boned, both scapula and humorous a little straight needing a little more prosternum, up on pasterns with well padded feet, muscular neck into clean shoulder, very good topline close coupled, well angulated muscular hindquarters, with correct tail set and carriage. Presented in fit condition. Moved well with correct tail carriage holding a level topline, awarded INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW

2nd ANEVAY ONE N ONLY. 21/01/2017 owned by J Butcher

B/brindle Male Balanced, Preferred the overall breed type head and expression of my first place getter, he has a medium Hazel eye, ears could be tidier, correct dentition good neck into shoulder wide front with good depth of brisket and fore chest, a little down on pastern today but a well made body with good spring of rib, well angulate hindquarters very good feet, correct tail set, moved ok

3rd SHADOWSTAFF I SEE RED. 18/05/2017 owned by L Kirkman

Red with white male with a quality head pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, well-placed medium hazel eye and tidy rose ears, correct dentition. Straight well boned legs with good pasterns into tight feet. I would prefer more fore and hindquarter angulations, pelvis a little steep, longer cast than 1st and 2nd, preferring a stronger top line. Muscular thighs with good show of second thigh, presented in good condition. Would have preferred a tidier tail.


NZ Bred Dog

1st CH FOXESTOWN THE ARCH DEACON 10/06/2016 owned by S Vermeer

B/brindle with white male. Impressive profile top size well balanced of very good make and shape presented in very good condition. Cracking head properties, clean and unexaggerated, dark well set eyes, neat rose ears enhancing his eye-catching expression. Correct muzzle to skull ratio with pronounced cheek muscles, correct bite with clean flews, wide front with deep brisket, well boned legs, preferring a little more strength and less length of pasterns, tight enough feet. Clean muscular neck and shoulder line flowing into a level topline, very good spring of rib, well ribbed back to moderate loin, muscular hind quarters with ample turn of stifle, good slope to the croup with a low set tail and carriage. Sound movement with excellent footfall, moving with economy of effort with purpose and discernible drive from rear holding his topline. I preferred seeing him free standing not baited however he was of outstanding breed type, an easy winner and well deserved DCC & Runner Up In Show

2nd CH LIDABY DARK KNIGHT RISES. 28/09/2017 owned by M Berkers & L Martel

B/brindle with white male of correct size. Well balanced, another impressive boy with very good bone & substance, very good head proportions, keen expression, not as clean head as 1st, well placed round eye, neat rose ears, powerful jaw plenty of strength and width in under jaw housing correct dentition having a scissor bite, good front wide and deep, well boned straight front legs, strong pasterns, tight well padded feet. Muscular neck flowing into well laid shoulder, level topline good spring of rib well ribbed back, close coupled powerful hindquarter with adequate rear angulation. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved well fore and aft holding his topline with very good footfall, handled well pleased to award him RDCC

3rd CH KAYLAJAZ JUSTA SWAGGA. 15/05/2013 owned by N Valentic

6 YO B/brindle with white male of very good breed type, another with an appealing head of correct proportions, distinct stop and round well-placed medium hazel eye, rose ears, strong muzzle and underjaw, well angulated forequarters with plenty of bone, wide front correct depth of chest, a little down on pastern feet could be tighter, nice transition of neck to wither, level topline, very well ribbed, close coupled, muscular hindquarters would prefer a little more turn of stifle, moved well.


Veteran Dog

1st ROJEME RHYTHM N BLACK. 13/02/2009 owned by L Maher

10.5 Y.O. B/brindle with white A Very handsome lad of very good breed type, clean head and skull, round well set eyes prefer darker, neat rose ears good length of neck to well laid shoulders and return of upper arm, correct front with prosternum, rounded brisket, brisket to elbow, a very good forechest that filled my hand, well boned, tight feet with slight turn out at the pasterns, level topline close coupled, well angulated hindquarters lacking muscle tone as one would expect for his age, tail set a fraction high, handled well, moved ok, he looked to enjoy his time in the ring.

2nd CH WESTWOOD AMARILLA MOONSHINE. 10/08/2011 owned by J Croft & C Clay

B/brindle with white a stronger male than 1st carrying too much weight today, he has a quality head shape and expression, appeared to enjoy his day, I preferred the overall balance and type of 1st.


Open Dog

1st ANEVAY KING OF KINGS owned by D & T Slade

Upstanding white male with black markings shown to advantage his handler keeping him up on his toes. A typey dog with a good head and length of muzzle with strength, correct scissor bite, large nostrils. Prefer a darker eye, neat rose ears. Straight legs, well-boned front, very good forechest wide with correct depth to brisket. Muscular neck to clean shoulders with a good return of upper arm, good spring of rib and well ribbed back moderate length of loin, over angulated hindquarters with pronounced second thigh muscles, good tail set. Presented in great condition. Moved ok handled very well.

2nd TAKODA HEART ‘N’ SOUL 24/11/2017 owned by A Kruse

Brindle male with a strong head, would prefer cleaner muzzle and tidier ears, dark well set eyes, correct bite, wide front with a deep brisket to elbow, well boned straight legs to feet with good knuckling, a good length of neck tapering to well laid shoulder, well ribbed, muscular hindquarters with very good angulation, tail well set and carried on the move, moved good reach and drive.

3rd JUMARCHA SOLITARY MAN OF AZURRI (IMP-SAF) 16/12/2015 owned by P Murran

Brindle with white male with a clean head distinct stop, well set round eyes although I’d prefer darker, good length of muzzle with correct dentition rose ears, well boned, would prefer darker nails, muscular neck to withers would prefer him in harder condition, moved ok.



Three promising baby puppy bitches who could be swapped around on a different day, best of luck with these youngsters.

Baby Puppy Bitch

1st SLADESTAFF BRING THE NOISE 19/03/2019 owned by D & T Slade

Black brindle the youngest in this class she has good breed type, compact, with a feminine head rose ears, a little too deep in brisket, well boned, tight feet, nice flow of neck into shoulder having a pleasing profile low set on tail.

2nd IMPAVIDE DIAMONDS R FOREVER 06/03/2019 owned by G Evans

B/brindle with white, Promising puppy, super headpiece with a soft expression, dark eyes, well boned, tidy feet turning out at the pasterns, great forequarters she has a well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm and well angulated hindquarters, a very pleasing outline, maturity and experience will do her well.

3rd SHADOWSTAFF LALLYBROCH LADY OF SANSTACHE 11/02/2019 owned by E Pearless & M Pilawa

Feminine red bitch, preferred the strength of muzzle of the first two today, maturity will do her well. Dark round eye with great pigment, well set rose ears, well boned in balance with her make, wide front with depth to brisket, enough fore and hind angulations a little longer cast, correct croup and set on of tail, handled well.


Puppy Bitch

1st GYPARRIS WRITTEN IN THE STARS 15/08/2018 owned by C Linton

B/Brindle with white markings, balanced bitch having a clean feminine head with a lovely expression of very good proportions, correct skull to muzzle ratio, round medium sized well placed eye, making good use of her well set rose ears, enough strength of muzzle with correct dentition, well boned in balance with her body, straight front legs up on pasterns, tight feet, close coupled, moderately angulated both front and rear, level topline, tail set and carriage a little high, her movement and type secured her place in the class today. A classy youngster pleased to award her PUPPY IN SHOW

2nd GOLDENCROSS SHUGGAH BABE OF SHADOWSTAFF 02/12/2018 owned by M & M Pilawa

White bitch of very good breed type, well proportioned with pleasing expression. Well set dark round eyes with tidy rose ears and well defined cheek muscles, correct bite & clean lip, wide front correct depth of brisket, well boned straight front legs feet turning out at pasterns to well padded feet, short neck, well sprung ribs, a little long cast, good turn of stifle and show of second thigh, would have preferred seeing her with less weight in fit condition.

3rd GYPARRIS TALKN BOUT MY GIRL 15/08/2018 owned by S Harris

Feminine B/Brindle bitch up on leg for this stage in her development I expect she will balance out with maturity. Another with a pleasing head and expression, well placed eye, distinct stop, scissor bite. Short tight-fitting coat straight, well boned forelegs, tight feet turning out slightly at the pasterns, clean neck into well laid shoulder a little longer cast with a slight rise over loin, good rear angulations, tail set carried well on the move, presented in good condition.


Junior Bitch

1st STRONGBUILT ALL EYES ON ME 20/09/2017 owned by A Marett

Blue top size bitch another who caught my eye as she came into the ring, she’s soundly constructed with a super clean head, strong but remaining feminine, with a medium hazel eye set to look straight ahead, ears set little bit high but didn’t spoil her expression, good width and depth of underjaw housing correct dentition with a scissor bite, well boned, up on pastern, feet nicely padded with dark nails, good spring of rib with a lovely tuck up, very good forequarter and hindquarter angulations with strength behind, level topline with a low set tail, a very pleasing example of the breed in profile, moved well holding a level topline, would like to see her in fitter condition. Happy to award her JUNIOR IN SHOW

2nd KAYLAJAZ CALM BEFORE TH STORM 28/01/2018 owned by N Valentic

B/Brindle standard sized bitch with a well proportioned feminine head, beautiful in expression with correct bite, just not the balance of 1st . Moderately angled forequaters correct length of neck to level topline on both the stack and move, well ribbed to moderate loin, nicely tucked up, well angulated hind, correct croup and set on of tail, correct amount of bone for size. presented in good condition, moved and handled well.

3rd WESTWOOD FLEETING-GLIMPSE 13/04/2018 owned by Z Ryder

B/Brindle Standard sized bitch with a strong feminine head, muzzle not as clean as 1st and 2nd. Another possessing very good breed type, distinct stop with well placed eyes, well set rose ears, correct dentition, she has the right amount of bone and substance. Good front with well angulated forequaters and tight elbows, well ribbed back, Moderately angulated behind with a good show of second thigh. Short through the loin. Moved soundly enough around the ring.


Intermediate Bitch

1st WESTWOOD ANNIE OAKLEY 04/12/2016 owned by N Nicholson

B/brindle Standard sized. A quality bitch with an attractive super clean headpiece of correct proportions, dark well set eyes with neat rose ears enhancing her expression, pronounced cheek muscles, clean lipped with no fleshiness, good width and depth of under-jaw, scissor bite. Very good front having the right amount of width and depth, well boned with tidy feet which turned out slightly. Clean neck into well placed shoulders, with a good return of upper arm, elbows nicely tucked in, she has a smooth transition from withers to a level top line, she is well ribbed back to her waist with a good tuck, enough rear angulations, low set tail carried well on the move holding a level top line, moving well fore and aft she is balanced from all angles, a classy bitch and strong contender in the challenge lineup.


NZ Bred Bitch

1st 54 CH TAKODA DREAM WEAVER 05/10/2015 owned by A Marett

B/brindle bitch with white on chest. Catching my eye as she entered the ring, a quality bitch oozing breed type, balanced throughout with the right amount of substance, no exaggerations. She has a clean feminine head, broad & deep through, correct skull to muzzle ratio. Dark round well set eyes with neat rose ears enhancing her captivating expression, pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, strong muzzle, clean lip with good depth and width of underjaw, housing correct scissor bite with VERY large canines. Muscular neck flowing into well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm, equal depth of body & elbow to ground, a well-constructed front assembly with width and depth of chest, brisket to elbow. Straight front well boned, showing no weakness at the pasterns to well-padded compact feet for shock absorption, black nails. Well sprung ribs that are well ribbed back, correct coupling. Level top line and complimenting underline. Very good turn of stifle, very good width of thigh, muscular first and second thigh and muscular inner thigh for driving power. Hocks well let down with straight legs viewed from behind. Short gleaming coat with skin fitting tightly. She is well-knit with just the right amount of angulation she moved well fore and aft, moving freely, driving parallel with correct footfall with a well set and carried tail to complete the overall picture. One to be proud of! Pleased to award her top honours today BCC & BEST IN SHOW Thank you for bringing her.

2nd CH WARFARE ENCHANTED PRINCESS 28/06/2014 owned by L Martel

Brindle and white bitch. A well-constructed girl of very good breed type balanced right through. Clean head, rose ears, dark eyes, good depth and width of underjaw, correct dentition, wide front with a deep brisket, well off for bone, would prefer a cleaner shoulder line. Correct length of neck, well ribbed back with a great spring of rib on this exhibit, short and strong through the loin ensuring she had firm and level topline, the tail was well set and carried. She is well angulated fore and aft. Would have preferred her in harder condition. Moved well with very good footfall holding a level topline. Expertly handed.

3rd CH ROJEME JUSTA SWEET DREAM 19/02/2016 owned by T & D Slade

A tidy B/brindle bitch another of good make and shape, she lost out to 1st and 2nd on expression didn’t seem to enjoy herself today, pleasing head proportions, correct bite, large nostrils, clean lips, Good ribs and bone on this girl, well-angulated fore and hindquarters, nicely tucked, legs straight from behind hocks well let down, moved and handled well.


Veteran Bitch

Ist CH ALDOUSHIRE BURLESQUE BABE 27/10/2010 owned by S & P Aldous

Almost 9 years old presented in fit condition she is top quality! I loved everything about her, having a feminine clean head with an alert keen expression, making good use of her well set rose ears and dark round medium sized well placed eyes that kept following me drawing my attention, clean tight lip, scissor bite. Standing up on her toes she has great fore chest of correct depth and width, with straight front well boned legs, strong pasterns to well padded feet, clean neck of correct length flowing smoothly into well laid shoulders to a muscular body that is well ribbed back, short in loin. Her hindquarters are muscular and well angulated. Short tight-fitting coat showing off her lean muscle definition. This girl is soundly constructed, moving well with reach and drive holding a level topline and correct tail carriage. What a fabulous example of the breed. Handled to perfection and turned out in great condition, she easily won this class and pushed hard for the challenge, a pleasure to award her RBCC & Veteran In Show

2nd CH RENEGADE ALL-ABOUT-BREW 25/10/2006 owned by K Morton

Red bitch with an appealing classic head and expression, well set dark round eyes with black pigmented eye rims adding to the appeal, she has a very good rise of skull, pronounced cheek muscles, well set and used rose ears, strong muzzle, clean lip, correct dentition, she is moderately angulated both front and rear, well boned with ample spring of rib, good tuck up and is light in the loins, a classy bitch of almost 13 years who clearly enjoyed her time in the ring.

3rd NZ CH NEWORDER ITS A SCREAM BABY (IMP-AUST) 08/04/2012 owned by S & G Meredith

Standard sized B/brindle bitch of very good type, with clean head and muzzle correct bite, medium coloured round eye, would prefer smaller ears, large nostrils, well boned with plenty of ribcage she is soundly constructed, moving well with reach and drive.


Open Bitch

A difficult class, spoilt for choice today, with the top three placegetters being quality bitches of very good breed type with varying virtues.

1st GR CH ROJEME BABY ITS A SCREAMER 13/10/2014 owned by S & G Meredith

B/brindle with white, balanced feminine bitch with a strong and pleasing headpiece, correct proportions of skull and muzzle, keen expression, round hazel eye correctly set, rose ears, strong muzzle with correct bite would prefer cleaner lips. Straight front legs with good fore chest and depth of brisket. Clean neck to well laid shoulder with ample spring of rib for plenty of heart and lung room, short coupled with strength in well angulated hindquarter, correct body-leg ratio. Possessing the right amount of substance and bone. I preferred this girl in profile being the deciding factor for 1st place today. Moved her too fast. pleased to award her OPEN IN SHOW

2nd SPL GR CH ALDOUSHIRE FAIREST OF TH BALL 09/05/2014 owned by S & P Aldous

Quality B/brindle bitch athletic in profile presented in fit hard condition, nothing overdone, clean outstanding feminine headpiece of correct proportions, dark expressive eyes with neat rose ears, clean in lip, correct dentition with large canines, clean neck flowing into well laid shoulders with depth and width of chest, well boned legs strong pasterns to tight feet, firm level topline, good spring and well ribbed back to short loin nicely tucked, muscular hindquarters, would prefer a fraction more turn of stifle, short coat in great condition she moved freely maintaining a level topline, handled superbly pushing hard for first place.

3rd CH CHALLENGER CHINA GIRL 09/10/2015 owned by A Baars & L Nicol-Baars

Red with black mask and white chest another classy bitch possessing great breed type, a very good blend of bull and terrier. Excellent pigment, well balanced compact body having good bone and substance, with a pleasing head and expression dark eyes, good underjaw housing correct dentition scissor bite, straight front legs, showing no weakness at the pasterns, neat feet black nails. Adequate forequarter angulation, clean neck into withers, level topline with a pleasing underline. Well ribbed back to short loin, strong rear quarters with enough turn of stifle, pronounced thigh and second thigh muscles, moved well fore and aft with a powerful drivin to go here.

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