Championship Show 9 July 2022 Ms Celeste Meier

Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Championship Show

9th of July 2022


Judge: Ms Celeste Meier


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for the opportunity to judge your specialty show.  It certainly did take some time to finally get into New Zealand with all the distractions over the past several years.

Thank you to all the exhibitors on the day who allowed me the privilege to judge your dogs and supported me and the club with your entries and accept my decisions gracefully on the day.

Thank you to the committee for their efforts to ensure everything ran well on the day.

Thank you to my steward Kirsty and my show manager Cathy who kept the show ticking over nicely on the day.

Thank you all for your hospitality until next time, enjoy your Staffords.



Baby Puppy Dog

  1. Shadowstaff Cheeky Blinder                                             M East

(Gyparris Highland Laddie @ Shadowstaff x Gelderstaff Ginger Rogers @ Shadowstaff  Bred by M Pilawa)

3 month old red oozing plenty of promise, excellent head proportions, dark round eye and strong dark muzzle finish off a very pleasing expression. Balanced with ample bone, correct front and rear angulations, straight front with nicely padded feet, body close coupled.   Whilst he was not keen to move too well around the ring his qualities could not be dismissed.   


  1. Stafflands Rock of Ages                                              N Nicholson

(Soverenstaff Red Rock @ Stafflands (IMP Aus) x Ch Takoda Midnight Ivy  Bred by N Nicholson)

Black brindle with white chest another nice baby with a pleasing head, displaying typical expression, not quite the strength of one. Straight front, good spring of rib, balanced front and rear. Was happy to be in the ring on the day, well handled.


Junior Dog

  1. Strongbuilt Call Me Big Poppa                                   C & N Branks

(Strongbuilt Sir Psycho Sexy x Renegade Dark Magic For Wunderbar. Bred by Q Glover)

Black Brindle dog with a pleasing head of correct proportions, dark round eyes correctly set, distinct stop with short foreface. Straight front with feet slightly turned out standing on nicely padded feet, adequately boned, moved with level topline, sufficient bend of stifle. Nice smooth coat. Well handled on the day.


  1. Shadowstaff Certain Someone                                  I Thomas

(Gyparris Highland Laddie @ Shadowstaff x Gelderstaff Ginger Rogers @ Shadowstaff. Bred by M Pilawa)

Rich red dog with plenty of substance and of nice type. Wide Skull with distinct stop, dark eyes and correct length of muzzle. Straight front with well-developed forechest, well sprung ribs and level topline. Correct turn of stifle and correctly placed tail.  


  1. Brohez Gatling Guns (Imp Aust)             A Baars & L Nicol - Baars

(UK Ch Kyraloebis Italian Gigalo x Brohez Flashback  Bred by F McBride, Aust)     

Black Brindle dog nice head with broad skull deep though and of correct proportions. Short neck flowing well into shoulder, short coupled with good hindquarters and well  set on tail. Moved well around the ring.


Intermediate Dog

  1. Valleyriver Chameleon Ladd                                             C Smith

(Shadowstaff Diamond Al x Foxestown Catherine Ellen. Bred by A Free)

Brindle dog, who caught my eye as he came into the ring, despite the grief he was giving his handler. A good strong head, broad skull, distinct stop and strong muzzle leading into correct scissor bite. His dark round eyes and well placed rose ears complete his typical Stafford expression. Broad front with straight front legs flowing into well padded tight feet. Short neck flowing into shoulder, short coupled, well sprung ribs, level topline and correct hindquarter assembly ensures he moves with discernable drive.    

Pleased to award him DCC and Best in Show.


  1. Ch Westwood Basileus                                             J Croft & C Clay

(Westwood Our Man Shaefer x Westwood By My Shadow. Bred by J Croft & C Clay)

Black Brindle of standard size and  good type. Nicely shaped head with neat, rose ears and correct dark eye. A good front of correct structure, short coupled, holding top line on the move, adequate hind quarters with well set on tail.



 NZ Bred Dog

  1. Lidaby Dark Knight Rises                                 M Berkers & L Martel

(NZ & Aust Ch Swanky Yabadabadoo (Imp Aus) x Ch Warfare Enchanted Princess. Bred by L Martel)

Black Brindle with white chest, strong broad skull short deep through with correctly pronounced cheek muscles and distinct stop, well placed round dark eye and neat rose ears. Well laid-back shoulders, close coupled, with correct hindquarter assembly with well set on tail. Correct short coat.


Open Dog

  1. Shadowstaff Teutonic Knight @ Gyparris   S & T Harris & M Pilawa

(Gyparris Highland Laddie @ Shadowstaff x Shadowstaff Double Diamond   Bred by M Pilawa)

Nicely balanced red dog with attractive head piece of correct proportion and strength. Dark round eye with good pigmentation enhances his true Stafford expression. Displays nice outline with good front and rear assembly. Moved and handled well on the day.

Pleased to award RDCC


  1. Bluegaze Rocko                                                            E Whyman

(Ch Takoda Halo’s Amulet CGC B  x Bluestone Kikorangi Mayay   Bred by M Latimer)          

Black Brindle with masculine head completed with ample broadness of skull, distinct stop, correctly placed eyes and rose ears complete his expression. Well balanced with ample bone, level topline and adequate hindquarters. Short smooth coat in gleaming condition.



Baby Puppy Bitch

  1. Stafflands Hysteria @ Takoda                                 A Marett

(Soverenstaff Red Rock @ Stafflands (Imp Aust) x Ch Takoda Midnight Ivy  Bred by N Nicholson)

I fell in love with this baby the moment she entered the ring, she showed herself and owned the spotlight. Correct head shape enhanced with the dark eyes and bang on proportions finished off her perfect feminine expression. She stood squarely displaying a lovely outline, adequately balanced with correct front and rear angles. I could have popped this baby in my suitcase, very promising.

Pleased to award best baby and best puppy of the day.


  1. Stafflands Diamond Star Halo                                      M Potts

(Soverenstaff Red Rock @ Stafflands (Imp Aust) x Ch Takoda Midnight Ivy.   Bred by N Nicholson)

Another nice black brindle baby with plenty of the qualities of her sister, clean correct head dimensions with well set rose ears and dark round eyes. Straight front with good legs and neat feet, moving with level topline and showing off correctly angled hind quarters with well set tail. Good luck with her.  


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Shorestaff Artemis Black Ivy @ Burwell                    S Powell

(Shadowstaff Diamond AL x Izangoma Shamu Peppy   Bred by J Olsen)

Black Brindle, head maturing nicely, dark eyes, good cheek muscles and correctly placed rose ears. Straight front, good length of rib and well sprung. Adequate hind quarters, with well set on tail. Coat short, smooth and close.


Puppy Bitch

  1. Broadstaff Wickely Willow                                  E Whyman

(Willowstaff Wandering Star (Imp UK)  x Broadstaff Lily Pickles   Bred by M Porter & D Tyler)

Brindle girl with broad skull, dark eyes well set and correct length of foreface showing of the happiest of expression. Good front, well boned for age, good proportions, short coupled with ample spring of rib. Correctly angled hindquarters with good turn of stifle.  


Junior Bitch

  1. Shadowstaff Bright Future                                              M Pilawa

(Gyparris Highland Laddie @ Shadowstaff x Shadowstaff Double Diamond. Bred by M Pilawa)

Brindle Bitch with strong head of correct proportions, her dark round eyes and neat rose ear correctly set enhance her feminine Stafford expression. Well assembled forequarters, legs straight and set adequately apart ensure good width of chest. Clean short neck flows nicely into withers, short coupled and well angled hindquarters and correctly set pump handle tail finish off the overall picture of this well-balanced girl.

Pleased to award her BCC and RBIS.


  1. Corkscrew Valkyrie @ Westwood                                       J Croft

(Ch Westwood Basileus x Westwood Te Awa  Bred by Z Ryder)          

Brindle bitch shown and handled well not quite as compact as one but well within standard and of good proportions. Lovely head with neat ears and correct dark round eyes giving off typical expression. Well balanced throughout moving parallel, when viewed from all angles.

Pleased to award RBCC


  1. Rebelstaff  Too Much Sass                                            O Neems

(Ch Takoda Halo’s Amulet CGC B x Ch Stongbuilt Feel The Thunder. Bred by O Neems)

Black Brindle bitch much of the qualities of two of good size. Cracking head of correct proportions with neat ears and correctly set dark round eyes giving to true Stafford expression, completed with correct length of muzzle, strong underjaw housing correct dentition. Ample front assembly, good spring of rib with correct depth of brisket, level topline and adequately assembled hindquarters. Moved and handled well on the day.


Intermediate Bitch

  1. Takoda Tinkerbell                                                       A Marett

(Ch Takoda Mastermind x Takoda Leather “N” Lace.   Bred by A Marett)

Black Brindle bitch with a superb head, broad skull deep though out with correct muzzle proportions, pronounced cheek muscles, clean lips, eyes dark and round nicely set apart with correctly set rose ears complete her pretty expression. Well balanced with ample bone, level topline, adequate hindquarters and short smooth coat. Shown nicely.


  1. Stafflands Tiny Dancer                                           N Nicholson

(Ch Takoda Wish Master x Ch Westwood Annie Oakley.   Bred by N Nicholson)

Another well balanced black brindle bitch with bone and substance, good width of skull, distinct stop, clean strong muzzle, and correctly placed dark eyes. Well balanced throughout, well sprung ribs, short coupled, level topline with equally satisfying front and hindquarters finished with well set on tail.


  1. Takoda Elysium                                                   C & N Branks

(Ch Takoda Mastermind & Neut. Ch Takoda Dream Weaver. Bred by A Marett)

Black Brindle bitch with desired expression and correct head proportions, dark round eyes complete her sweet expression. Nicely boned, straight front legs finished off with well padded feet. Balanced throughout with adequate hindquarters and finished with a well set on tail.


NZ Bred Bitch

  1. Ch Strongbuilt Feel The Thunder                               O Neems

(Strongbuilt Fast Lightening x Renegade Dark Magic For Wunderbar. Bred by Q Glover)

Black Brindle bitch of adequate bone, skull of ample strength and correct ratio’s, good dentition, accompanied with strong muzzle, nice rose ears and well set dark round eyes complete her true Stafford expression. Adequate width of chest complete with nicely assembled forequarters, well sprung ribs and nicely constructed forequarters ensured purposeful drive.


  1. Goldencross Shuggah Babe @ Shadowstaff        M Pilawa

(Tamhu Black Boris x Angel Of Moonscud.  Bred by L Moore)

White bitch of good breed type with classic head piece displaying pleasing expression. Stood nicely when viewed from all angles displaying nice depth of brisket, well sprung ribs, close coupled with correctly angled hindquarters.


  1. Valleyriver Lyrae Star                                                      A Free

(Ch Oakstaff Jetsteam x Foxestown Catherine Ellen   Bred by A Free)

Good sized red bitch of correct substance displaying good strength of skull, her dark round eyes and black muzzle enhance her soft feminine expression. Good forequarters, well boned straight legs set well apart. Close coupled with level topline moving around the ring well on the day.


Veteran Bitch

  1. Gr Ch Rojeme Baby It’s A Screamer                       S & G Meredith

(SPR Ch & SPL Gr Ch Rojeme Pop Gun x NZ Ch Neworder It’s A scream Baby (Imp Aus) Bred by S & G Meredith)

Wow did this girl enjoy her day out, willing her handler to keep up. Great head proportions with neat ears and correct dark round eyes displayed the happiest of Stafford expression. Good Brisket with equally pleasing front and hindquarters ensured she moved with economy of effort and discernable drive. At eight years of age, she is only to be admired. 


  1. Westwood Delta Dedazzler                                J Croft and C Clay

(Ch Westwood Amarilla Moonshine / Westwood Cola And Ice.  Bred by C Clay)

This beautiful girl may be sporting a little greyness around the muzzle, but she is not found lacking as she heads towards her mature years. Her very appealing head with the softest of Stafford expression showing no signs of weakness. She is nicely boned, well ribbed back, short coupled and held her topline on the move. Her coat in perfect condition.


Open Bitch

  1. Soverenstaff Red Rose @ Stafflands  (Imp Aust)         N Nicholson

(Pickaxe Man Behind The Mask x Soverenstaff Red Carnation Bred by J Gaskin Aust)

A very typey red bitch that did not enjoy herself in the ring on the day, however her quality could not be dismissed. Strong clean head with pronounced cheek muscles, clean lips and good strength of underjaw and correctly placed dentition. Dark round eyes with the darkest of pigment compliment her overall expression. Nicely boned with straight legs set adequately apart into nicely padded feet. She stood four square and was a picture regardless of what angle she was viewed from.


  1. Ch Sladestaff Bring The Noise CGC                               T Treweek

(NZ & Aust Ch Swanky Yabadabadoo (Imp Aus) x Ch Rojeme Scream Till You Pop. Bred by D & T Slade)

Brindle Bitch with pleasant expression, correct skull to muzzle proportions with good depth and breadth, nicely set round dark eyes and correctly set rose ears. Niceley balanced forequarters, short neck which flows smoothly into correctly angled shoulders, well sprung ribs, closely coupled and good depth of brisket. Adequate hindquarters with good turn of stifle.


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